Federation of Socialist Societies

The Otago Socialist Society was formally established in April 2022.

Our local members have many long term socialists in our ranks, from a range of backgrounds and traditions, many of whom have worked together on local events and campaigns in the past. We hope to emulate the open but organised structure of Canterbury and welcome new members to our ranks. We are very much in sympathy with the educational goals of the CSS and the other socialist societies springing into existence around the country. A vibrant and friendly culture is a must.

We are planning events and aim to meet monthly.

Several of our members are actively involved in the local unions and are office holders on the executive of Unions Otago, the local affiliates of the Council of Trade Unions.

Otago has a strong socialist history. The Seamen’s Union was founded here in 1872 as part of the Federated Seamen’s Union of Australasia and thus Dunedin was the first headquarters of the first independent national union in New Zealand. Dunedin had other strong reformist, radical, and revolutionary figures in its past. Even today, the city is regarded as “left leaning” although the socialist side of things has all but disappeared as elsewhere. However, our aim is to rekindle this tradition and play whatever part we can in building the socialist cause.